People Around Town: Have You Met James Weddle?

From startup coaching to egg poaching, this techie with a culture passion has made a big impact in his short time in MGM.

James Weddle

From startup coaching to egg poaching, this techie with a culture passion has made a big impact in his short time in MGM.

I always enjoy meeting people with diverse talents and skills. James Weddle falls squarely in that category. He’s a tech guy that fully embraces the value of art and culture. He can talk you through the ins-and-outs of starting a business and he can teach you how to poach an egg.

I must mention that James patiently taught my six year old niece to poach an egg. It was very impressive.

James Weddle is a transplant from Texas. He came here to Montgomery for work and play. He’s an IT professional and he is a passionate pioneer of innovation and creativity. For James, it’s all about creating an ecosystem here in Montgomery that allows for the new-and-never-heard-of.

“It’s about creating an environment. That means having the resources, having the collaborators, having the coaches, and capital. Have all the things you need to grow business and create an environment for innovative, creative people.”  J.W.

Being in Montgomery has allowed him to meet and partner with like-minded people. James is half of the duo that turned three houses on Clay Street into three spectacular locations for innovation and creativity. James and business partner, Adam Warnke, have started the prototype for this fruitful ecosystem. AIRR is another example of what can happen in MGM when artist and creatives are given space to flourish.

“No matter what you are trying to do if you start with the creative folks you can build from there. Artists take risks everyday. They always have to try something new and scary.” J.W.

Jame's Weddle Co-owns AIRR on Clay Street in Montgomery, ALThe three houses individually host different forms of artistry and industry. The red house is the home off AIRR Lofts that provides space for airbnb guests and the restaurant Karma. This house is also the space that will be the home of the Goat Haus Biergarten. You might have seen the Kickstarter on Facebook! The middle house is now a stunning showcase of both art and design called Volant. And the last home in the AIRR ecosystem has regularly housed an artist pop-up shop!

James hasn’t been in Montgomery very long, but he’s made a big impact. He’s found his tribe and together something great is emerging for our city. Look him up on social (@JamesWeddle). He can coach you in business or teach you how to poach an egg. 



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