People Around Town : Have you met Sydney Foster?

Meet Sydney Foster, an independent photographer, a staff photographer for the governor’s office, and an all-around good spirit you can find snapping up moments that show how interesting MGM can be.

Sydney Foster, established Montgomery photographer.

There are many hidden gems in Montgomery. You can find most of them tucked away in the emerging art scenes. We have new artist groups, galleries, and collaborative teams. Each piece comes together to create a culture that is unique and somewhat spectacular. I consider it a joy to stumble upon people that embody that same spirit. And that’s what happened when I met Sydney Foster.

Sydney is an independent photographer, a staff photographer for the governor’s office, and an all-around good spirit.

Montgomery based photographer Sydney FosterOn this particular day in the studio, Sydney was preparing for a shoot with a traveler blogger. While she hung lights and rolled out the backdrop, I got to ask her a few questions about her professional journey. Over the years, Sydney has had the opportunity to train under seasoned artists in both New York and Atlanta. She traveled to document concerts and regularly sees clients in her downtown MGM studio. Sydney is a twenty-two year old with a heck of a lot of experience and a strong sense of responsibility to the younger generations.

“I gotta train the people under me to keep this thing going. I want this to go on. So, I do it to encourage, to motivate, to inspire. It makes me happy when I do it. I’m all about making an opportunity for other people.”

Her studio is tucked away on the third floor of 1 Court Square. The studio is in the interior so you don’t have windows that lookout on to the street. But, portraits from various campaigns decorate the walls. Photos from her earlier years are stacked neatly to the side for display. Her space is a reflection of her creative and vibrant spirit.

I was fortunate enough to shadow Sydney during a shoot. The process went as planned. The client had several wardrobe changes and background suggestions. Sydney effortlessly guided her through the process and befriended her along the way. And, that was the most important part, to make that connection and walk with the client on the journey.

“I enjoy getting to know people through photography because you find out so much. She has been in here for an hour and I know where she is from, where she is going, what she aspires to do. Now it’s a connection. And that’s how I got what I have now.”

Through divine connections, Sydney will find herself in New York working with celebrity photographer, Keith Major, this summer. It’s going to be a grand adventure and you should follow her on this new journey. Feel free to connect with Sydney Foster on Facebook and Instagram. I’m sure she will appreciate the new connection!

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