People Around Town. Artist, Chintia Kirana

Meet world traveler, international artist, magazine publisher, and Montgomery local - Chintia Kirana.

Chintia Kirana at Art House.
Chintia shared her personal works at an Art House event.

I didn’t stumble across Chintia. I had the pleasure of seeing her talent unfold as a fellow art student at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School. We all knew that Chintia would go on to do great things. And she indeed has!


Expose Magazine by Chintia Kirana
International Art Publication, Expose magazine

 Chintia travels the world sharing her art, promoting her magazine, and fueling her love for contemporary design. Just recently she returned from a European excursion. Two weeks in Sweden sharing her works at the Steneby Academy of Arts and Design and visiting artists studios. A week in Finland where she represented Expose magazine at an alternative art space in the International Art Fair called Art Fair Soumi. Along the way, there were a few more stops, conversations and new connections for her art magazine, Expose

You should understand that Chintia, a world traveling artist, calls Montgomery home. She is more evidence that Montgomery has a thriving art community. One of Chintia’s great additions to the local art scene is Art House!

“Even though I travel often and split my time between New York and Illinois, Montgomery is my home. I’ve set up studio here, my parents live in town, and there are many wonderful people who believe in this city – a city rich in history, culture, and arts. I am simply another dreamer who is fueled by a love for the arts. My hope is to give the City of Montgomery, the art community, the beautiful people of Montgomery and surrounding regions an unconventional experimental art space, where explorations and dialogs of Contemporary Art is without restrictions.” – Chintia Kirana

Chintia’s passion for art grew into the magazine Expose. Now there is an extension of Expose called the Art House. Artists connected to Expose magazine take residence at Art House. During their visit, Chintia hosts a special night for each artist to share their works and knowledge. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few ArtHouse events and it’s one of the most enjoyable things MGM has to offer. For an hour you are exposed to the unique views and thoughts of visiting artists. Chris Riggs, Ileana Quezada, and Christopher Hutchinson and Jason Sweet from Smoke School of Art are a few of the artist that have been featured at Art House.

What’s next for Chintia?

“My goal now is to be a hermit in my studio, upgrade my LinkedIn profile, update my website, and try to stay calm amidst the series of unfortunate events hovering America at the moment. In all seriousness, there are two upcoming exhibitions in Illinois and one in town. In between that I will be in New York to attend the Guggenheim Gala and afterwards Miami Art Week (Art Basel) will be the the next destination.” Chintia Kirana 

It’s likely that your path will cross with Chintia if you visit a local art gallery, street fair, or come to an Art House event. But, you can connect with her anytime on her website at or social platforms. Feel free to connect with Chintia Kirana on Facebook and Instagram. And you can check out the Art House events on Facebook too!

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