Kelly Kahumoku at Buds Sports Bar in Cloverdale

She’s probably the most interesting woman in the world. In her past life, Kelly has been a top athlete, a lounge singer, and a ballroom dance enthusiast. And she’s only twenty-four years old! Kelly is part of the young, connected group of individuals that makes MGM great. They are professionals by day and pursuers of all things awesome by night.

Kelly graduated from Huntingdon in 2014 and currently finds her home in one of the most eclectic spots in Montgomery, that is, Cloverdale. She’s known to find herself at Bud’s, an area sports bar, every evening after work.

“I come to Bud’s to wind down from my work day and catch up with friends. It is THE essential establishment for a proper night out in Cloverdale. If you bar hop, it should definitely be on everyone’s route. The guys behind the bar are the perfect hosts.”
Kelly Kahumoku

A Night out with Kelly K.

We started the night early at Bud’s. Kelly was there in the smoky bar in her regular spot stool number two right in front of the bartender, Ryan. Kelly mentioned there was an advantage to this spot. I always sit in the same spot at the bar because it has the best vantage point for people watching. You can see the whole bar. From the people playing pool to scope out a worthy opponent—to seeing who’s at the juke box so you can either blame them or praise them for their song choices, it’s simply the best seat in the house.”

We spent the night seated at the bar chatting with her friends about Bud’s charm, politics, and Cloverdale living. Kelly introduced me to the world’s best pool player”, Travis. I even learned the magic elixir” for overcoming the inevitable morning slump that comes from a late night at Bud’s. For those of you who are curious, it’s Pedialyte, Advil, and three cups of coffee.

Kelly Kahumoku at Bud's.

The night ended with a battle. Kelly had to defend her title as the juke box battle queen. She and Cloverdale local, Will Steineker, took turns playing 1970s soft rock songs till the locals couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m pretty sure I heard Dancing Queen somewhere in the mix.  It was a fierce competition that Kelly graciously won.

Kelly paid the tab and we ended our night at Bud’s. I asked Kelly what makes it such a special place. And she said, Life happens here. It’s the neighborhood spot to celebrate all of life’s wins and conversely find support during life’s sorrows. Or when you find yourself having a blasé day, it’s the place to go for a warm smile, cold drink, and a fantastic burger.“ 

Get to know more about Kelly Kahumoku on Facebook and Instagram. Bud’s is located at 1018 E Fairview Avenue. 


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