May is Bike Month! #bikemgm

Get out and enjoy your city on two wheels with these events and tips!


May is bike month, and for the past several years Deana Acklin and the Montgomery Bicycle Club have been creating a variety of events to let more people get engaged with cycling for fun and for commuting throughout MGM.

Deana and the club shared a calendar of local bike month events, a few great tips, and a special message about why cycling is so important to her.

As a young 5 year -old girl figuring out life after open-heart surgery, riding a bicycle gave me my health back and the confidence to challenge my body. While riding,. I felt fast in the otherwise slow moving world that had been created for me. Riding a bicycle provided me with the opportunity to connect and play with other children in a way that I felt I had lost.

As an adult, bicycling has allowed me to continue to pedal toward my best self and to genuinely connect with my community. I didn’t have a choice with heart disease, but you might. So why not give biking a try!

Allow us to empower you with the knowledge and tools to safely engage in a fun and healthy activity.”


Deana Acklin
Bike Month Coordinator
LCI #5381



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