Father’s Day

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My usual Father’s Day rituals consist of two things: breakfast in bed and random compliments dispersed throughout the day. Though one may seem to require significantly less effort than the other (I’ll let you guess which one that is), I felt that this year should be different.

Thankfully, there’s actually a lot to do around Montgomery for Father’s Day this year! So I planned a jam-packed day of fun for us.

First up on the itinerary: breakfast in bed of course! (tradition is important, people)

Next, a trip to the Montgomery Zoo! I haven’t been to the zoo in ages, but I was surprised to find out that they still show animals from five different countries and even provide a home for endangered species! Since dads get in free for Father’s Day, I think I can afford to buy him one of those adorable stuffed monkeys from the gift shop too.

After we’ve walked around and had a light lunch at the café in the zoo, we’ll probably be ready for some air conditioning. So next, we’ll go to East Chase and get a little shopping done. There’s Father’s Day sales all around the mall, from Kinnucans to Kohl’s! So I’m sure he’ll find something he likes.

We’ll probably be hungry again after all that shopping, so next on the itinerary will obviously be dinner! I have two awesome options for him to choose from. One is the Father’s Day cruise aboard the Harriott II riverboat! My dad loves music and good food, so the live entertainment will be a huge plus. But if he decides he just can’t wait until Sunday for his special dinner, we could celebrate one day early at Taco Libre—Montgomery’s first ever taco festival at the train shed, downtown. What dad doesn’t love tacos and beer?!

After I showed my dad everything I had planned for us, he was very appreciative, but said that he would rather have breakfast in bed and my “thoughtful” compliments. Oh well, maybe next year….


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