More than a Basic PSL at Prevail

Fall features at MGM's downtown coffee house offer more than the basic PSL.


If you try really hard, you can feel fall whispering on the air in the morning these days. Autumn displays are adorning door fronts and football is in full-swing. The time is right for a warm, spiced cup of seasonal cheer.

Two of the most familiar faces of Prevail Coffee Roasters, Christina and Kellie let us in on their passion for making your favorite fall drinks. While they may have originated from two opposite ends of the the east coast, they bring together the perfect balance of flavors in their creations. Get to know them and feast your eyes on the gallery of featured drinks currently available in the shop.

Christina and Kellie serve it up…

Creating cafe beverages is a collaborative process. Sometimes this may just be tweaking a simple recipe you already have in mind, such as how much syrup should go in a pumpkin spice latte. Or, it can be a several week long process of brainstorming, gathering new ingredients and experimenting with flavor profiles. In creating our fall favorites, we combined some of the traditional flavors of fall and tried to put a unique, artistic spin on them.


Christina from Prevail

Originally from Long Island, New York, Christina moved to Montgomery in 2016.  About a year ago she began working in coffee, and currently studies at Troy University. Her most memorable coffee experience was learning to dial in the espresso – and she’s quite the pro today! Her favorite fall special is the cinnamon hazelnut cappuccino.


Kellie from Prevail MGM

Kellie is from South Florida and moved to Montgomery in 2015. She’s spent her first year as a barista perfecting her favorite part of the coffee industry: latte art. Her favorite fall seasonal is the cinnamon hazelnut cappuccino.



Prevail Coffee Roasters is a craft coffee roaster and micro importer located in the heart of the Deep South, inside C & P Mercantile at One Court Square. They balance a deep commitment to their roots, descending from farmers, mill workers, soldiers and church-folk, but have a taste for the finer things – especially those that come from hard work. They are passionate about farmers, working closely with like-minded producers all over the world in partnerships based on integrity and fair pricing.Reflecting on the process of growing, harvesting, transporting and serving the coffee, they respect this monumental task for such a seemingly simple thing which constantly reminds us that alone, we may endure, but together we prevail.Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Seasonal Features at Prevail Montgomery

3. Cinnamon hazelnut latte

The Cinnamon Hazelnut Cappuccino is nutty, smooth and delicious.

Ingredients: Espresso, house made hazelnut syrup, cinnamon, steamed milk.



2. Apple Chaider

Our apple chaider is sweet and perfectly spiced.

Ingredients:  House made chai concentrate, cinnamon and apple juice steamed to be hot, or served cold.


1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Our pumpkin spice latte is the quintessential drink of the fall season. Spiced just right.

Ingredients: Milk, cinnamon, espresso and pumpkin syrup



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